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The North India Solar Summit is being organized keeping in mind the huge power deficit in this region. As the states are devising the ways and means to address this burgeoning problem, solar energy is being viewed as the best solution to address this. It is the only renewable source of power that can be used from Watts to Megawatt scale.

This exhibition attempts to close the gap among the various levels of awareness about solar power. This will bring the manufacturing companies, dealers, consultants, distributors etc. closer to the actual customers. The customers will also get a wonderful chance to shed their inhibitions about solar and this will definitely provide an interactive platform for them.

The companies will showcase their latest as well as affordable use of technologies. This will help not only in the spread of use of solar power but also awareness among potential customers. We are sure that North India will soon become an important part market for all the solar companies world over.

We once again welcome you to this wonderful showcase of Solar Power - NISS, 2014.


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